Thursday, February 14, 2013


Children between the ages of 2 thru 19 who are fighting cancer will be attending Parker's Prom at Valley Children's Hospital this Saturday! The event is named after a 6 year old patient who was able to attend the first prom but unfortunately lost his battle. Celebrations on Canvas will be onsite capturing the moment as a donation to these brave children and Valley Children's Hospital. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I had the wonderful opportunity to share my art work this past Thursday at the Brass Unicorn in Fresno.  It was a great first time experience! I got a chance to chat with many of the people who took the time to visit about art, life and everything under the sun. I was glad to see that everyone was having a good time.  By the end of the night even the topic of religion came up and as I listened while eating the last of the munchies, I could tell the vibes were that good because there was no arguing.  I want to thank family, friends and new friends for showing up!  Two paintings were sold and I was relieved to see empty trays where there was once food and 4 empty bottles of wine by nights end.